Italy took possession of Albania in 1939 and kept it until 1944 and in these years plates were regularly issued. They looked like the Italian plates of the same time, with white characters on black background and with the fascio as official seal. On the first line there was the name of the city (Tirane for Tirana, Dures for Durazzo, Vlore for Valona and Girocaster for Argirocastro) and on the number was on the second line.

In the picture below you can see a license plate from Tirana: over the name of the town, you can read the print "Sherbim Publik" that means "Servizio Pubblico" and very likely this was a little tag placed over the regular license plate, though I cannot be sure of this due to the poor quality of the picture.


All the data about Albanian plates are taken from the book "A century of plates", while I need to thank Ernesto Vitetti very much for the interesting picture.

Plates in Rome by Michele Berionne