Italian East Africa

You can find below a table with a list f all the vehicles present in the Italian East Africa in Decembre 1939. The table shows clearly the number of each kind of vehicle in all the regions of the Italian Africa; only the region of Scioa is not present, probably becuase it was created in that same year.

I want to thank Daniele Cacozza very much for this table, taken from the book "L'Italia è piccola?" by Francesco Ogliari: I have only rearranged it to pubblish it better on the web site.

Autovehicles Asmara Mogadiscio Addis Abeba Harar Gondar (1) Gimma (2) Total
Cars 3.9545932.245221 861197.418
Buses 84163212 32149
Trucks 8.4672.1463.637835 13250815.625
Trailers 412101811 ------532
Motorcycles 54316920723 817967
Agric. vehicles 851431 ------121
Work vehicles ------31 ------4
Total 13.5453.0266.1361.134 22964624.816

(1) Main town of Amara
(2) Main townof Galla and Sadama

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