Slovenia (1941-1943)

At the beginning of the Second World War Slovenia, that was in Yugoslavia, was split in two parts: the northern went under the control of Germany, while the southern became Italian. Just at the end of the war Slovenia was reunified and taken again by Yugoslavia. Anyway, although the Italian control in this country was very short and lasted just few years (1941-1943) during the war, plates were regularly issued.

Slovenian plate
Slovenian plate

Slovenian plate
Test plate for motorcycle

In these three pictures you can see, in the order, a plate for car, a plate for motorcycle and a test plate for motorcycle. The style is the same used for normal Italian plates: blue characters and white background with the number on the first line and the origin code on the second for motorcycles; white characters and black background with the origin code on the first line and the number on the second for cars. Moreover on all the plates you can see the symbol of fascio. LB stands for Lubiana (nowadays Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia... click here to see the map) and it probably was the only code in use because it became a real Italian province, while other cities Spalato and Cattaro, that had been joined later, had the full name on the plates.

I must thank Peter Auckel so very much for the first picture. The last two pictures were taken at the "Muzej Novejse Zgodovine" in Ljubljana and I need to thank Alessandro Marzo Magno who sent them to me.

Plates in Rome by Michele Berionne