Customs Authority (Guardia di Finanza)

From 1946 to 1981 plates for vehicles of Custom Authority had the letters GdiF in red in the first line (GdiF stands for "Guardia di Finanza", Custom Authority) and four black digits in the second, as shown in the first picture. Motorbikes had a number of 5 digits, starting from 10.000 (picture number 5): for this reason when the number 9.999 for normal vehicles was reached, it continued from 12000 serially, leaving a gap for other plates of motorbikes. Trailers had a similar plate, but with just three digits followed by a red "R" (pictures number 3 and 4).

In 1981 the plates for cars of the Custom Authority changed a lot and the format became: GdiF * 000 AA, where * is a little green star like that already used by the Italian army (picture 2). Anyway, as far as I know, plates for motorbikes and trailers remained the same.

GdF plate
Picture 1: 1946 - 1981
GdF plate
Picture 2: 1981 - Today
GdF plate
Picture 3: Trailer
GdF plate
Picture 4: Trailer ?-Today
GdF plate
Picture 5: Motorcycle

Before 1946 plates of Custom Authority had the letters R.G.diF.: it stands for Regia Guardia di Finanza (Royal Custom Authority).

I want to thank very much Marcello Taverna for the first two pictures, Paolo Troncatti for the third and Roberto Pola for the picture number 4. The picture number 5 is taken from the web site Mezzi di Emergenza.

Plates in Rome by Michele Berionne