Motorcycle plates after 1994

In 1995 registrations for cars changed a lot to the current system, and the same happened for motorbikes. Plates are black on reflective white and have got two letters and a number on the top line and 4 numbers on the bottom line. You cannot understand any more where the plate is from since all letters are serial and are not the origin of the vehicle.

As far as I know the first two letters of these new plates cannot be the same of an old origin code, because otherwise there would be two plates with the same number (look picture 6 above). AG was skipped and it will be the same with AL, AN and so on (see table).

Plates are all square with sides 6.5 inches long.

Like cars, motorbikes have had the two European blue stripes since 1999. The meaning of the prints in the stripes is the same as in the plates for the cars, but as you can see from the picture the position of numbers and letters changed, with just the two letters on the top line and the numbers on the bottom line.

1994 - 1999
1999 - Today

Plates in Rome by Michele Berionne