Regia Guardia di Finanza (Royal Customs Authority, 1927-1946)

Plates of Regia Guardia di Finanza had a story similat to those of Regio Esercito, but actually I don't know the details of them: for sure they were intoduced after 1935 because in that year normal plates were still used.

I haven't found a picture yet of plates of Regia Guardia di Finanza and the two pictures below are taken from an original drawing made to explain how the direction indicator had to be mounted on the vehicles of the Royal Customs Authority. For this reason, the plates are not drawed perfectly, but anyway give a clear idea of their shape.

Regia Guardia di Finanza Regia Guardia di Finanza

Both drawings are taken from the historical official calendar of the Guardia di Finanza of 2002 and I want to thank Roberto Pola who sent them to me.