Polizia Stradale (Traffic Police, 1946 ?)

Polizia Stradale (Traffic Police) is part of the normal Polizia (Police), so they usually have a normal POLIZIA plate. But for some years after the end of the second world war in the province of Trieste there were spacial plates with the words "Polizia Stradale": the two pictures below, even if their quality is poor, show a plate of this kind for an autovehicle and for a motorcycle and exactly they both were taken in Trieste.
Unfortunately I don't know other details about these plates: the exact time when they were used or if their use was really limited to the province of Trieste, and I hope to find out something new soon!

Polizia Stradale Polizia Stradale

The first picture is taken from the issue of April 2001 of "La manovella" and you can find the full photograph I took this plate from in the old photo gallery (picture 18). I want to thank Roberto Grando very much for the second picture.