Plates from Trentino (1919-1923)

The picture below, though it's very small and the quality is low, shows a license plate with the number "T 614". Marcello Taverna and Guglielmo Evangelista gave me their interpretation about that: it should be a plate of the region of Trentino (click here to see the map), issued by the provisional administration between 1919, when Trentino was annexed to Italy after the treaty of Saint-Germain, and 1923, when it was replaced by a normal Italian plate with the red number 73 (see the table of codes).


On the site it's also available the full picture I took the detail of the plate from: if you want to see it, just click here. The picture was taken between 1920 and 1922 and was pubblished in the volume about the Tre Venezie of the "Storia dei trasporti in Italia" written by prof. Ogliari. I also want to thank Marcello Taverna who sent it to me and promised me a better picture for the future.