Diplomatic codes after 1984

This is the table of diplomatic plates used since 1984 and of consular plates, introduced in 1995. It's quite obvious that the letters don't show the country in any way, but are chosen "geographically", starting from Europe (A-D) and then going to Asia (G-L), Africa (N-Q), America (S for North, T for Middle and U for South) and Australia (Z), with some special codes (X). They're printed in blue in this table because that's the colour used on the plates.

In the site it's also availbale the table with the diplomatic codes used before 1984.

AAAlbania ACAustria AEBelgium
AGBulgaria AKCzech Rep. AMCyprus
ANDenmark APFinland AQFrance
ARFrance (6) AUGermany AVGermnay (6)
BAG.D.R. (1) BCU.K. BFSlovenia
BGGreece BMIreland BNItaly
BPSerbia and Montenegro BQCroatia BRLuxembourg
BSMalta BTMonaco BVNorway
BXNetherlands CAPoland CCPortugal
CERomania CGSan Marino CHSpain
CMSwitzerland (6) CNSweden CQSwitzerland
CRTurkey CXHungary DARussian Fed. (5)
DCUkraina DDUzbekistan DEVatican
DFEstonia DGMacedonia DHBosnia and Erzegovina
DLArmenia DNGeorgia DPKazakhstan
DQLettonia DRBelarus DSLithuania
DTMoldava EABurkina Faso (7) ECUganda (7)
EGZimbabwe (7) EMMauritania (7) ENEritrea
EPMali (7) GAAfghanistan GBSaudi Arabia
GCBangladesh GDMyanmar GETaiwan
GFChina GKPhilippines (6) GLNorth Korea
GMKorea Rep. GPU.A.E. GQPhilippines
GSJapan GZJordan HAIndia
HCIndonesia HEIran HFIraq
HLIsrael HPIraq (2) HQKuwait
HRLebanon HSMalaysia HTOman
HVPakistan HXSyria LASri Lanka
LBThailand LEVietnam LFYemen
NAAlgeria NCAngola NDCameroon
NFCapo Verde NHRepublic of Congo NLCote d'Ivoire
NMEgypt NREthiopia NTGabon
NXGhana PAGuinea PBKenya
PCLesotho PDLiberia PELibya
PLMadagascar PNMorocco PQNigeria
PSSenegal PTSierra Leone (3) PVMozambico
PXSomalia (4) QAS. Africa QCSudan (2)
QETanzania QGTunisia QLDemocratic Republic of Congo
QNZambia (3) SACanada SDMexico
SF SH SL SN SQU.S.A. TACosta Rica TCCuba
TEDominican Rep TFEcuador THGuatemala
TLHaiti TMHonduras TPNicaragua
TQPanama TSEl Salvador UAArgentina
UEBolivia UFBrazil UHChile
ULColombia UNParaguay UPPeru
USUruguay UTVenezuela VAArgentina (6)
VFBrazil (6) VLColombia (6) VSUruguay (6)
XAOrder of Malta XC XD XE XFFAO, United Nations XGVatican
ZAAustralia ZCNew Zealand   

Not used anymore since the unification of Germany.
The embassy of Iraq is closed since the Gulf War in 1990 like in the other European countries, so it's the Embassy of Sudan that represents the Iraqi interets in Italy. The code HP for Iraq is not sure. Many thanks to for this detail.
Zambia and Sierra Leone haven't got an embassy in Italy any more, but they are located respectively in Bruxelles and in Bonn, so these codes are not valid. Thanks to for this detail.
Somalia hasn't got an embassy in Italy any more. Thanks to for this detail.
USSR until 1991.
The codes used on the plates of the Consular Corps are exactly the same of the Diplomatic Corps, with the difference that the letters Q and U are not used. For this reason they don't match always and these new codes were introduced for some countries.
After the first period, the letter Q was eliminated from diplomatic plates. For this reason, E is used for the African Continent, instead of Q as it should be, for all the new added states.

Many thanks to Fränk Kraus for his corrections and to Guglielmo Evangelista for the table!