Highest numbers for each province (1927)

This table shows the highest number issued in each Italian province following the old numbering system in use between 1905 and 1927. All these numbers were computed by Guglielmo Evangelista, using the few pictures of vehicles where the year is known, the data about issued plates and the vehicles on the roads, the density of vehicles per person and few others: for this reason it's very likely that some mistakes are present in the table.

In this web site you can also find the highest numbers issued in each province with the numbering system used between 1927 and 1994: if you want to see it, click here.

ProvinceNumber ProvinceNumber
Agrigento450 Alessandria5400
Ancona2700 Arezzo1500
Ascoli Piceno2300 Avellino580
Bari4000 Belluno1400
Benevento600 Bergamo4200
Bologna7200 Brescia7300
Cagliari1500 Caltanisetta400
Campobasso670 Caserta 1700
Catania2900 Catanzaro1250
Chieti1430 Como7000
Cosenza940 Cremona4200
Cuneo5400 Ferrara3400
Firenze10000 Fiume450
Foggia800 Forlì2700
Genova13600 Grosseto850
Imperia1300 L'Aquila1400
La Spezia500 Lecce1700
Livorno1400 Lucca2200
Macerata2500 Mantova3200
Massa Carrara900 Messina1400
Milano36400 Modena4200
Napoli7300 Novara9100
Padova4450 Palermo3600
Parma3800 Pavia3800
Perugia4500 Pesaro2200
Piacenza2800 Pisa1500
Pola350 Potenza800
Ravenna2200 Reggio Calabria1350
Reggio Emilia2800 Roma25000
Rovigo2000 Salerno1200
Sassari500 Siena2700
Siracusa1000 Sondrio650
Taranto300 Teramo1820
Torino19000 Trapani650
Trento2400 Treviso5000
Trieste3000 Udine5000
Venezia2650 Verona4000
Vicenza3600 Zara(*)

(*) In the table the data of the province of Zara are missing. This is due to the act that the vehicles of Zara ddn't pay any fee and it was impossible to find any other way to calculate the highest number.