European Comunity

The European Comunity had its first origin in 1951 with an agreement signed in Paris among the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Luxemburg and Holland, that created the CECA (Comunità Europea del Carbone e dell'Acciaio). Later, with the agreement of Rome in 1957 the EEC (European Economic Comunity) was born.

Anyway the purpose of this page is not to tell you the history of the European Comunity, but only to show you some special license plates used on the cars of the officers of the European Comunity since 1957.

These plates are isued in Bruxelles by the Belgian administration, so they are usually considered plates of Belgium. Anyway I'm still happy to add them in this web site because also Italy is in the European Comunity and it's possible to meet these plates in the streets of Rome.

The format used for these plates can be understood easily from the pictures: the number is always made of four digits, with leading zeros if needed. In the second series (1972?-2000?) the numbers from 0001 to 0250 were reserved for official cars.

In the past each star on the plate was a state of the Comunity, exactly as it happens for the stars in the flag of the United States: so at the beginning they were only six, as said above (first picture), and then they increased accordingly (second picture). In 1986 the European Comunity decided to use a flag with exactly 12 stars whatever the number of the states was, so today the plates have got 12 stars (third picture).

All these pictures are taken from the web site License Plates of the World.

Euro Euro Euro
1957 - 1972(?)
1972(?) - 2000(?)
2000(?) - Today