RSM San Marino RSM

San Marino is a small independent republic inside Italy: just 61 square Km in the countryside of Emilia Romagna, not far from the Adriatic sea (click here to see the map). It has got about 25.000 inhabitants and about 10 bigger towns: the capital is called San Marino. Yes, it's little, but so interesting and... with special plates!

According to a tradition, it has existed and independent since 301 A.D. when a Christian stonemason called Marinus the Dalmation hid from the anti-Christian Roman Emperor Diocletian on the peak of the beautiful, foreboding and easily defended Mount Titano. Napoleon liked it and wanted to enlarge its territory, Lincoln wrote to a captain from San Marino that even if San Marino was so small, it still was one of the most honoured states ever! And last in this short description, maybe the shortest ever, San Marino was also a safe place for a lot of people during the Second World War.

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