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In this page I collected pieces of magazines and other medias talking about this web site. It's very likely that this list isn't complete, but I'm not aware of others. If you find a magazine, a web site or a tv program where this web site is reviewed, please let me know by email! In the while I want to thank those people who gave me indication about the reviews below!

So far all these reviews are in Italian: I'm not translating them as I think it might be of minor interest... ehy, the main goal of the site is the plates!

Famiglia Cristiana

Famiglia Cristiana: this small article was in the issue of March the 26th, 2000 of the catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana. The web address printed here was that used at that time, before I registered the domain, and isn't working any more.


TeleRoma56: and the site was also on tv! This video sequence is taken from the program TGuido of May the 20th, 2000 on TeleRoma56, a little local television of Rome. Actually on the sequence the guy talks about another web site, but at the end you can see the home page of "Plates in Rome". So, even if it isn't a real review, I decided to upload it as well!
Beware: files with movies are much larger than pictures, so it can take quite a long to download it to your computer to watch it (size: 3.6 Mb).

La Mia Auto

La mia auto: on the issue of May 2001 of the magazine "La mia auto" there is a nice an eigth-page-long article about the history of plates in Italy. Most of the informations were taken directly from this web site, but there was just a little wrong link in a small note at the end. Anyway you can see here the first page of the article: all the pictures are taken from this site, as you can easily see browsing a little!


Televideo: this picture was snapped from the television and shows page 587 of Televideo RAI on April 21st, 2001, as you can read on top of it. I'm sorry that the image isn't so clear, but it isn't easy to get pictures from the television. There was also another page about license plates, but I don't show it as it was not related to this web site.

Panorama Web

Panorama Web: this short review was pubblished on the supplement Web of the issue of September the 20th, 2001 of the magazine Panorama. I believe that the title "Passioni bizzarre" (weird passions) has to be taken as a compliment!


Ruoteclassiche: this frame about the web site was pubblished on the issue of October 2001 of the magazine Ruoteclassiche (pag. 23). Short, but very well done, it also advertizes the CD of the web site!

Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera: a small column pubblished on the newspaper Corriere della Sera of April the 2nd 2002, in the page about Internet. It makes a short story of the plates, but it's still interesting!

La Stampa

ttL - La Stampa: this nice article was pubblished on the ttL magazine of the newspaper La Stampa on August the 31st, 2002. It desribes the web site, quoting some funny stories and at the end it presents a simple game that you can play with the origin codes of the Italian plates! The file is in PDF format.


Strade & Autostrade: this article was pubblished on the issue number 41 of September/October 2003, of the Italian magazine "Strade & Autostrade" and I contributed to the article sending to the author, Eugenio Merzagora, most of the images. At the end of the article, there is a link to this web site.


Il Radiatore: this article was printed on the issue number 12 of December 2003 of "Il Radiatore", the newsletter of the club "Ruote del passato". It is possible to download the full newsletter from the web site of the club ( The screenshot that you see on the right side of the article was manually changed to show the plate "AC 010 NE" in front (see funny plates) without my approval.

La Repubblica

La Repubblica: a full page of the newspaper La Repubblica printed on December 4th, 2005 about license Italian license plates, with information and pictures taken from this web site. "A web site that is deeper than the mines described by Tolkien": nice compliment, isn't it?