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In this page you can find the fonts used on the Italian plates in TrueType format. In this way you can use them in your normal word processor or graphic tools as every other characters installed on your computer. It's forbidden to use these fonts to create copies of license plates and mount them on vehicles that are used on the roads. In the fonts there are also those letters that were skipped on the plates (for example: I, O, Q and U for the plates issued after 1999) so that you can write everything you like.

At the present time only the font used on the plates after 1999 is available and I want to thank Brian Kent so very much for his help to create it.

If you want to use TrueType fonts on a computer with Windows, you only have to copy the file in the directory C:\\WINDOWS\FONTS (for Windows 98 and ME) or to the directory C:\\WINNT\Fonts (for Windows 2000). After this, the new font should be automatically added to the list of the available fonts with the name "Italian plates xxxx" (where xxxx is the year) and is ready to be used.


A template is a tool to create a license plate very easily on your own computer, only inserting the number of the plate and the origin code. If you want to use the templates available on this site, first of all you need to install the fonts listed above, following the available instructions. Moreover you must have a graphic software that supports templates (for example, Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw). Then you can open the template and modify the character of the plate at your will to create your own license plate.

Important: it's forbidden to use the template to create license plates and mount them on vehicles that are used on the roads.

Plates from 1999 to today
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Plates for motorcycles from 1999 to today
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