Books and CD-Roms


Le targhe automobilistiche italiane
by Guglielmo Evangelista

Probably the word book is not totally correct for this work, but it should be named a set of university lecture notes. However, though the graphic is unpretentious and just drawings are used in place of photographs, it narrates the full history of the evolution of the Italian plates of all kinds is made punctiliously in over 100 pages, with a notable part for "special" plates, like those of the Army or the Police, for plates from Vatican City, San Marino and so on. The work is completed by large tables with statistics about dates when some numbers were issued to various provinces and about the number of registered vehicles.

You can request the book directly from the author writing at the email address: The cost of this work is just that needed to copy and bind it, plus shipment, so it is very cheap. The book is totally in Italian.


A century of plates
by Carlo Bellini, Marcello Gallina e Marcello Taverna

This book is the result of the encounter of three fans, Carlo Bellini, Marcello Gallina and Marcello Taverna, who realized that, putting together the material in their possession, they could illustrate practically every type of plate appeared in Italy from the very beginning of motoring. The history of the Italian plates is told above all with official documents and illustrated with over 300 black and white photos. Beyond to the normal series (motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers), temporary series, diplomatic plates and many military plates are described in detail. Some chapters are dedicated to the Free Territory of Trieste, the Italian Social Republic and the former Italian colonies. The description is equipped with references to the laws that have gradually restricted the matter, and with several tables of codes, divisions in blocks and so on. In appendix there is also a table to understand the province of registration of the motor vehicles with the new anonymous "national" plates: it fails to fulfill, but the collaboration of the readers will improve it. The full book is written both in English and in Italian.

The book is printed by De Ferrari Editore and it can be found in the "motorist" bookshops. Its price is 45.000 Italian liras (23.24 Euros).

You can have more details about the book writing directly to the authors Carlo Bellini or Marcello Taverna.


Plates in Rome
by Michele Berionne

The size of this web site is growing very quickly in these last months and I must thank all the persons who helped me sending a lot of new and interesting pictures. For this reason I understand that it can be harder and harder to browse and download the pages if you have got a slow modem and while you wait so much your telephone company gets rich!

With this in mind I decided to make a CD with the full site so you can easily see it all without waiting any second or wasting a single cent!! But remember that while the CD version of the site cannot be updated like the Internet version, so for sure it's going to be outdated within some months.

Requirements: Windows95 or better is needed due to the presence of "long" names. At the present time I don't want to spend time to make it compatible with older versions, but if many people are interested in it I'll probably change my mind... just let me know!

Due to the high number of requests received in the last months, I'm forced to ask a small fee to cover the costs of the empty CD and shipping: just 5.00 Euro. You can order the CD simply sending an email to me and we'll discuss the details.