Some notes...

Just a couple of notes about this web site.

First of all let me say two words about the web address: In Italian this means "Italian plates" and of course it has the extension .it as I'm from Rome. In March 2001, after over two years in which the site was hosted on various free servers, I decided to make myself a gift and registered the domain: I hope it gives luck to the site!

I started working on this site about license plates in Italy at the end of 1998 and at the beginning it was just a game to learn building web pages and to show the license plates that you can easily meet in the streets of Rome. But after some time and after many compliments and many encouragements from every part of the world, I decided to make the project bigger and bigger, including all the plates of the past and of the present related somehow to the vehicles that run in Italy! And today I can say that I'm very proud of the work done, even if I think that the end is still far because I keep on finding new unknown license plates!

A lot of collectors contributed to this web site sending me pictures and informations! I want to thank all them, though to make a list here is very hard and probably useless! Anyway you can find thanks for each picture or detail in the various pages of the site: I did all this hard work just as a hobby and so genuine thanks and my only possible payment!

All the pictures here shown are my own property and cannot be used without my permission.

It is not legal to keep, sell, buy or trade Italian plates: when you sell your vehicle, you must give the plate back to the Italian motor vehicle administration. For this reason, I do not have any Italian plate on sale for you, sorry guys! So don't try to write me asking to find one for you... or don't dream a plate from Vatican, from San Marino or a SMOM plate!! But you're welcome to write for your comments, ideas and suggestions... or even simply for your compliments: you know, I love them!!

Every kind of material, information, news, pictures and whatever else, is very welcome! I'll be very glad to add your stuff to my web site, writing your name near as I've always done in the past! So I'd like to invite all you to send me what you have got, if you have a chance. If you cannot do it by email, do it also by snail mail or however else you want.