Soccer Soccer Soccer

What's in common between license plates and soccer? Actually not much... probably nothing! But I'm Italian and I cannot forget soccer in this web site!!

I'm from Rome and A.S. Roma is my favourite team: in 2000/2001 it won the Italian championship and it was a great and unforgivable party in the city that lasted over a week! Everybody became crazy for this victory and the city was repainted with yellow and red, the colours of Rome and with flags at every window.

Anyway I found a link between this happy party and license plates and this was parked in the streets! Yes, it's the weird plate mounted on the weird car that you can see in the two pictures below! The three parts of plates are those used between 1985 and 1994 (see Italian license plates) and on each of them you can read a little red number: 42-43, 82-83 and 2000-2001. These are the years in which the team Roma won the Italian championship. Three in its long history and for this reason they are so precious and important! I was really stunned by this idea (even if for sure illegal!) and this is why I want to share it with all you!!